por Greg Boscole

An empty apartment with a big window that shows the buildings of this city. it’s night but the lighting of the city makes the room more brighter. This is just me and my self standing at the center of the room one besides the other.
I wonder how did i get here, all i know is what i see through the window and what i see is a dimmer light filling the room with that blueish tone of the city. There is some kind of beauty inside the light but dunno exactly what it is, ah, never mind.
Still those buildings, what are they?, what do they have inside?, could it be more like me inside of them? What do they see is a mystery to me, but as i see them they see me. Like a building irradiating light on the eternal night that is outside.
I wish i could move towards them, see them more closer, gather together and make a brighter light, a warmer place, this cold is killing me…
It’s useless. He knows it, i know too.
What do i do, could it be that i am just an observer? some one that just watches through the window seeking for a meaning even if i can’t move or do anything else?
Time passes, life too, buildings start to fall one after another and light start to disapear.
There goes the last of them, now it’s dark and there is nothing outside. just the infinite landscape of plain terrain.
I’m begining to understand it all, there is no meaning, no reason, there is nothing but me and myself. What i saw outside was just an illusion created by me.
So, what now.